How Much Does The Council Charge For Pest Control Services?

Pest removal services in the North East

If you notice vermin in your home and are unsure what to do about it, you need professional advice. While there are many private pest control services available, the council is often the first port of call for many individuals.

For homeowners and business leaders in Durham, Middlesbrough, Newcastle and Sunderland, Invicta Environmental provides pest control services to humanely and discreetly get your property back to a clean and vermin-free state.

Both Invicta and local authorities charge for their services, and while you might think the council would be cheaper, that’s not always the case. In some instances, you might be paying for a service that doesn’t fully meet your needs when you work with the council to deal with pest problems in your home.

So, how much does the council charge for pest control services, and how does the service compare to private providers like us? We explore and explain everything you need to know.

Does Every Council Offer Pest Control Services?

Every council in the UK is technically a separate organisation that acts as the local governing body. So, while they all have to abide by the country’s laws, some offer different services.

When it comes to pest control, not all local authorities will do it, and others might only offer limited services. In the North East, Middlesbrough Council doesn’t offer pest control services, but Durham, Newcastle And Sunderland councils all do.

For those in Middlesbrough, private pest control providers like Invicta are the only option. For anyone whose council does offer this service, working with a council pest control officer might seem like a smart choice, but it’s not always the most affordable or effective solution.

Council Pest Control Prices

Councils and leading family-run pest control providers like Invicta all follow the British Pest Control Association (BPCA) guidelines and use products that are approved by the Royal Society for Public Health (RSPH).

So, whatever service you use to tackle your pest problem, you know you’re getting humane, safe treatment. However, the limitations you have on how many call-outs you can make, and the type of pests dealt with, are reflected in the price of these services. Here’s what each local authority charges to deal with different pests in residential properties.

Council/ PestsDurham County CouncilMiddlesbrough CouncilNewcastle City CouncilSunderland City Council
Wasps£40, including nest removalN/A£68.40, including a non-refundable call-out charge of £24Free
Bed Bugs£44N/AN/A- provided to housing association tenants onlyFree
Silverfish£44- classed as ‘other crawling insects’ so check coverageN/A£68.40N/A
Bettles£44- classed as ‘other crawling insects’ so check coverageN/A£68.40Free

Not all pests treated by all councils are listed here, so you need to speak to your local pest control officer to make sure they deal with the issue you’re facing. These prices are for the treatment of private households and are correct at the time of publication.

Each council has caveats attached to its services: for example, Sunderland Council might offer free pest control services, but you only get two treatments inside the home. Durham Council offers a 50% reduction in fees for anyone who signs up for the Council Tax Reduction Scheme, so the prices seen here will depend on your circumstances and any specific rules your local council has in place.

How much does the council charge for pest control services vs Invicta

The Pros And Cons Of Using Council Pest Control Services

Using your local council’s pest control service has its advantages and disadvantages, so it’s worth knowing what you’re getting in for before you hire them to deal with your infestation.


  • Councils already provide other household services, such as bin collection, so you know about their standard of service.
  • Most councils will charge slightly less than private pest control companies and have set fees for each service.
  • All UK councils across these four areas use BPCA and RSPH-approved methods.


  • Every council’s pest control prices and services will vary depending on their expertise.
  • There’s usually a charge for call-outs and assessments before any work is conducted by the council.
  • Councils don’t lift manhole covers to check ingress points for common pests such as rats and won’t visit certain parts of your property, such as the loft.
  • There’s usually a long waiting list for council pest control services, as they’re often dealing with a lot of properties and might not be able to attend yours for several weeks or longer.
  • Many councils don’t remove all the different types of pests commonly found in the UK.
  • Some local authorities, like Newcastle, will deal with wasps but not wasp nests, meaning you won’t be able to get a complete service.
  • Most councils won’t handle bee infestations or any wildlife issues.
  • The council will expect you to do rubbish removal and clearing up after the treatment yourself.

Conclusion: Why Invicta Could Be The Perfect Pest Control Partner

Local authorities aren’t the only option for households with a pest problem. Invicta operates across the North East, working with a range of clients to ensure their homes are safe and pest-free as soon as possible.

What we offer:

  • Affordable services with no charge for enquiries.
  • Prompt response times.
  • BPCA and RSPH-certified pest technicians who receive regular training.
  • Top-quality equipment and industrial-grade insecticides and spray treatments for the humane, safe and fast removal of pests.
  • Emergency call-outs for high-risk households (families with young children, etc.) or major infestations.
  • Support with the majority of household pests, including rats, mice, ants, flies and cutting-edge bird control options.
  • Wildlife management services with a focus on supporting both the homeowner and the local ecosystem so that your loved ones are safe and wildlife remains in its natural habitat.
  • Additional services, including drainage inspections, high-level cleaning and waste removal.
  • Complete support from start to finish, with no limits on the number of visits we make to carry out your treatment.

Unlike most councils, we don’t have a set price list, as we charge for our services based on a range of factors, including the vermin you have and the size of the infestation. We work to keep costs low for our clients by providing free initial assessments, where we’ll quote for our treatment. There’s no limit to the number of call-outs we’ll make to one home; if the problem persists or a new one arises, we’re always ready to help.

If you’re in need of urgent pest removal or suspect you have a pest problem, contact us. We aim to get back to everyone within 24 working hours and will arrange for a member of our team to assess the issue and provide a no-obligation quote.