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Mice pest control is one of our most popular pest control services, if you think you have mice you are not alone! A common mistake when dealing with a mouse infestation is to take it less seriously than a rat infestation. Unfortunately, whilst they may appear harmless, mice can cause a number of serious issues in your home or business and can lead to a visit from environmental health if left untreated.

Common issues caused by a mouse infestation are mainly down to damage to property and health issues. Mice tend to gnaw on such things as cables/electrical wiring and wooden objects, and their urine/faeces are known to spread diseases such as Salmonellosis and Hantavirus through the contamination of food. Remember they’re also able to increase in numbers extremely quickly, which means infestations can soon get out of control. 1 Breeding pair of mice can produce up to 5000 in a single year. If you feel you have a mouse problem, then our mice pest control service is for you.

Signs of a mouse infestation

Similar to rats, it’s fairly straightforward to spot a mouse infestation. However, if you’re going to actually see one in your property then its much more likely later in the day, mice are nocturnal by nature. If you’re spotting mice in the daytime, this may indicate a heavy infestation. Common signs that you may have a mouse infestation are:

  • Nests – these are usually made out of shredded materials, and are most commonly found in places such as lofts, cavity walls, suspended ceilings, and in enclosed spaces such as behind appliances, under the kitchen sink or underneath furniture
  • Footprints – these tend to appear in dustier areas but often won’t be spotted other than by a professional due to their nature
  • Grease/smear marks – these are caused by mice rubbing up against skirting/walls and floors. Oily deposits from their fur are left on surfaces as they continually pass over them.
  • Droppings – mice droppings are typically small (around 3-8mm) and dark. Mice produce up to 80 droppings a day, so there can be huge amounts of them
  • Strong, ammonia smells – mice tend to urinate often, and their urine comes with a strong ammonia-like smell
  • Scratching noises – you’re more likely to notice these after dusk

If you’ve spotted one or more of the above signs, then you may have a mouse infestation on your hands. Call us or book a visit on the link below.

If you feel you have a mouse problem, then our mice pest control service is for you. We are experts at eradicating long term rodent issues from your property and believe in offering a holistic approach to your mouse problems by offering guaranteed riddance programs to ensure complete satisfaction. We use state of the art innovative approaches to eradicate pest issues fast!

Our teams cover all areas of the North East of England; call our teams today or book a visit using the ink below; areas we currently service include: Newcastle, Sunderland, Middlesbrough, Gateshead, Darlington, Hartlepool, Stockton on Tees, South Shields, Washington. Tynemouth, Jarrow, Durham, Wallsend, Redcar, Whitley Bay, Chester Le Street, Blyth, Billingham and all surrounding North East areas.

Invicta’s Pest Control Service Process



Invicta will contact you to understand what issues you are having on site. We will listen and understand the issues you are having and then recommended the correct cause of action to take. A site survey may be required to better understand what the best course of action is required.



We will agree a suitable time to attend with yourself and carry out the appropriate treatment for the pest you are having issues with.


Follow up

Appropriate follow up visits will be completed to help monitor and eradicate the issue. (Some pests may not require further follow up visits)


After care

All our visits come with detailed photographic reports so you can understand exactly what we have done and what equipment we have used.

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