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Wildlife Management

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Invicta believe our wildlife is precious and the interaction between humans and the natural world need to be managed carefully to ensure a world we can live in with all species. Wildlife management is the management process influencing interactions among and between wildlife, its habitats, and people to achieve predefined impacts.

Invicta supports its clients attempts to balance the needs of wildlife with the needs of people using the best available science and methods of working with our biodiversity. Our wildlife management services include wildlife conservation, gamekeeping and pest control.

Our services can draw on disciplines such as mathematics, chemistry, biology, ecology, climatology and geography to gain the best results for our customers and the environment.

Types of Wildlife Management Services we offer

Manipulative management

This acts on a population, either changing its numbers by direct means or influencing numbers by the indirect means of altering food supply, habitat, density of predators, or prevalence of disease. This is appropriate when a population is to be harvested, or when it slides to an unacceptably low density or increases to an unacceptably high level for our clients

Custodial management

This is preventive or protective. The aim is to minimize external influences on the population and its habitat, this helps in managing population growth in problem areas.

Species management

We are sometimes required to manage species for a number of reasons, including conflicts of interest involving native species:

When the behaviour of a species brings it into conflict with people’s interest or with the conservation of other species or habitats; for example, where wild geese are present in high numbers they can cause serious damage to pasture or crops.

Sustainable use of species: where a species in the wild is a resource of social or economic benefit; for example, management of deer prevents damage to habitats and provides venison, a source of healthy, low-fat meat.

Our Approach To Wildlife Management

Invicta work with government bodies and ecologists to work in partnership to manage issues within our clients premises. From Gull management strategies and licence applications to preventative work for foxes we work closely with clients to protect wildlife and their environments.

Invicta’s Pest Control Service Process



Invicta will contact you to understand what issues you are having on site. We will listen and understand the issues you are having and then recommended the correct cause of action to take. A site survey may be required to better understand what the best course of action is required.



We will agree a suitable time to attend with yourself and carry out the appropriate treatment for the pest you are having issues with.


Follow up

Appropriate follow up visits will be completed to help monitor and eradicate the issue. (Some pests may not require further follow up visits)


After care

All our visits come with detailed photographic reports so you can understand exactly what we have done and what equipment we have used.

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