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Bird Proofing The A19 Flyover

Recently, Invicta was called to carry out a bird proofing project on the A19 flyover, where to pigeons roosting and fouling onto the ground below.

Pigeon guano is a health hazard, and can cause issues, so we were urgently called out to prevent the pigeons from roosting on this important thoroughfare.

To begin, we fully inspected the bridge to identify areas where we could install fixings using a PS 300 Ferroscan system.

Our team installed 50mm weld mesh sheets to the underside of the bridge.

The team cut the mesh to fit the design of the structure and ensure it fitted correctly so birds couldn’t gain access.

We also added upstand spiking on the lighting and CCTV cameras.

Additionally, we fitted inspection gates to allow for bridge inspections in key areas.

The result is a pigeon-free space and a satisfied client.

Bird proofing project on the A19 Flyover

Drain Inspection To Find Rat Ingress Points

Drain on North East Property

One common point of entrance for rats is through the drainage system. Rats chew through pipes, crawl through the drain system and then enter the property.

This causes many issues for homeowners, including damage to their drains and rats that they can’t keep out.

That is why Invicta offers drain inspections to identify any issues before we rodent proof a property.

We recently attended a home in the North East with a major rat problem that had been going on for 3 years.

The Invicta team carried out a detailed inspection of the site and the drainage system.

During this inspection, we were able to identify the ingress points the rats were using to access the property.

Once we had found the entrance point for the rodents, we were able to seal it, jet the drains, install a new manhole cover and carry out rat control.

As a result, our clients were no longer plagued by rats as they had been for the past 3 years before we attended their property.

Specialist Cleaning At Newcastle International Airport

One of our larger recurring clients is Newcastle International Airport.

Invicta is proud to support this amazing transport hub that helps to connect the North East with the rest of the world.

We’ve carried out specialist cleaning at the airport, during which all windows, cladding, and steel work was deep cleaned.

Our team are able to work safely at heights, so we can do this important work professionally and expertly.

This project was carried out following what has been an award-winning year for Newcastle International Airport.

Moving forward, our cleaning services will help ensure that the airport continues to offer its amazing service to travellers.

We continue to work with the airport and are pleased to continue to help it remain pristine and pest-proof.

Invicta branded van at Newcastle Airport

Wasp Nest Removal From Local Attic

Wasp nest in attic

Invicta’s team have worked on a range of wasp nest removal projects for homes and businesses across the North East.

Wasp nests can be a hazard for homeowners, as wasps can deliver painful stings when cornered.

Also, wasp nests are unsightly and can cause structural damage to properties.

In one home, we found several large wasp nests in the attic, which required delicate removal.

Our team had to make sure that the wasps were removed safely and that the nest was cut away from the roof beams.

We were able to get rid of the wasps and insect proof the property to ensure that the wasps couldn’t return.

Our clients were happy with our work and glad to have the wasps gone for good.

Bird Netting Installation At A North East School

The Invicta team has recently completed a 50mm canopy net installation at a school in the North East.

Pigeons had been accessing the playground and leaving waste, which is toxic to humans, particularly children.

Our team fitted pigeon netting to ensure that the birds could not access the space again.

We aligned the installation with the start of the student holidays and the school’s maintenance week to reduce disturbance.

Our work will keep the pigeons away from the school playground and reduce the waste in that area.

The result is a clean space for the children to enjoy throughout the school day.

Bird netting project at a school

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