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Any person who has had rat activity in their loft will tell you how awful the scratching sounds and the constant scurrying across your ceilings sound during the night. Most rat infestations in your property come from drainage issues allowing rats access to your cavity walls through breaks and faults. Of course modern detection techniques can confirm most issues with regard to the infestation but sometimes we need to go a little further for long term piece of mind.

Rats infest our primary sewer systems, and the connecting pipes provide them with convenient pathways to follow and explore. Rats constantly search for defects in drainage to find a way t to explore their environment for food sources, once found they can typically settle in and live safely. While it is very simple for rodents to find these narrow pathways, it is more difficult for experts to locate the rats or even to stop them. Part of the process is to inspect your drainage for issues rats can manipulate, this is very different from a survey to locate drainage problems and is essential for long term pest free conditions on your property,

The first question that needs to be asked for internal rat activity is this. Has there been any recent or other construction work done? Even projects that were finished a few years ago may contain signs of rodent activity, particularly if the activity is occurring near the project. This is the most frequent source of rodent activity we see, and the usual culprit is a pipe that has been left buried without being sealed, as well as any entry points or branches. However, some tasks call for a little more deliberation and a detective-like approach.

CCTV Surveys

CCTV cameras are a significant tool in our arsenal to fight against rat infestations. Once the technician has removed rats from your property, he may use a CCTV camera to find the breaks in your drainage systems. The camera will show where the issues are and give you a report to show what is required to make a permanent fix to prevent further activity.

Put a bung in it! Damaged pipes are rarely accessible unless you want to start excavating slabs or removing floors. Techniques such as lining or using manoeuvrable sealing bags are much better solutions for stopping rats getting into cosy pipework however they can be expensive. Invicta can offer drainage equipment that will prevent rat access whilst the issue is getting a permanent fix. Your technician will advise the best approach to the issues on your property.

Invicta’s Specialist Services Process



Invicta will attend your site to investigate the level of service required to achieve your goals. We will listen and understand exactly what you would like to achieve with our specialist services.



We will produce a detailed survey report which will outline what we recommend to achieve your goals. Within the report we will include costs to carry out each of our recommendations.



Once works have been agreed with yourself, we will agree a date of attendance convenient with yourself. Risk assessments, Method statements & Training certification will be sent over before we attend site.



Our fully trained specialist service team will attend your site to complete the work agreed. We will then invite the site contact to inspect the work and a detailed report will be emailed over to show that all works have now been completed.

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