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Birds are a stunning sight when they’re in the sky, and it’s no wonder that many people throughout the UK choose bird watching as a hobby.

Unfortunately, when these birds start building nests on commercial buildings and in busy areas, they can quickly become a serious problem.

That’s because bird droppings, or guano, can be a major health hazard, carrying a range of parasites, including Salmonella, Psittacosis and others. Those with compromised immune systems, the very young or the very old, can be seriously injured by contact with bird droppings.

Birds also carry bird mites, which can spread to humans and pets. As well as spreading diseases and vermin, pest birds can also be noisy and cause a disturbance. For business premises, the presence of birds can lead to serious harm to your reputation.

Thankfully, Invicta Environmental is highly experienced in the management of buildings and modern exclusion methods to help minimise the impact of birds across your business or property.

Call 01388 309345 to speak to one of our project managers and discover our full range of bird proofing solutions.

Bird spikes and bird netting installed on a building in the North East

Invicta’s Bird Control Process



Invicta will attend your site to investigate what species of bird is causing you issues. We will listen and understand your goals when it comes to bird control to ensure we give you the best possible suggestions.



After attending the site, we will produce a detailed survey report outlining what we recommend to keep your site bird free. Within the report, we will include the costs of each of our bird proofing suggestions.



Once we have agreed on a plan with you, we will book a date to attend the property and carry out our pest control work. Risk assessments, method statements, and copies of our team’s training certifications will be sent over before we attend the site to carry out the work.



Our fully trained bird control teams will attend site to complete the work agreed. We will then invite the site contact to inspect the work and a detailed report will be emailed over to show that all the bird control work has now been completed.

Common Bird Species In The UK

There are more than 600 species of wild birds in the UK. Many of these birds live peacefully and avoid contact with humans, but a few species like to spend time in densely populated areas and become a nuisance.

Some of the common types of birds that we often consider pests include:

  • Pigeons: Pigeons are one of the most common species of avian pests, as they like to make their homes in cities and feed on food scraps. These heavy birds can easily damage roof tiles and cause a disturbance when building their nests on buildings or under solar panels.
  • Seagulls: In areas near the sea, gulls are common, and these loud birds can cause a major disturbance and a lot of mess. There are several types of seagulls in this country, which is why Invicta offers specialist gull control services.
  • Crows: Another large bird species, members of the crow family, including ravens, rooks and magpies, can be a nuisance if they decide to nest on your property. Crows are highly intelligent and, like seagulls, are known to harass people for food.
  • House Sparrows: Sparrows are small urban pests that make a lot of noise and can be difficult to control. They can be a particular nuisance in the food industry and homes, as they can quickly contaminate food in their search for something to eat.

While pigeons and seagulls are the pest birds everyone thinks of, these species and others can be a nuisance, especially during breeding season. When they build nests on your property or congregate in one specific area, they can create a lot of mess and disruption.

All wild birds are protected by the Wildlife and Countryside Act, which means that safe, effective bird control is crucial. Invicta has the skills and expertise to offer guaranteed success in removing pest birds to businesses and homeowners throughout Newcastle and the North East.

How Invicta Provides Bird Control Services

At Invicta, we have over 50 years of experience in delivering well-planned, safety-focused projects to remove birds and their impact from structures across the UK. We can help with all aspects of proofing, strategy and if necessary, licence applications to Natural England for major issues.

As a result of this extensive experience, we’re able to offer integrated management strategies and systems that complement buildings and work closely to support your interaction with nature in a positive way. Our approach to bird management can include many different aspects to achieve your goals.

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach to bird control, which is why we offer a wide range of bird proofing and deterrent measures to suit everyone.

We offer a range of techniques, including the installation of the Bird Free gel system, bird netting, and bird spikes. We also use cutting-edge technology, such as Avishock and laser dispersal systems, to quickly and effectively remove birds and deter them from returning.

The majority of our work is with commercial businesses across the North East, but we also offer residential bird proofing services, such as pigeon proofing solar panels.

Invicta has the expertise to guide you through the process of choosing the right bird control methods and implementing them effectively. To discuss your bird infestation and find the right solution, contact us today.

Bird wire installed on property North East

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