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Bird-Free Gel System

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Bird Free is an advanced method of bird control based on the science of bird behaviour, designed to change the way birds behave.

Bird behaviour is instinctive and is conditioned by basic needs: food and water, shelter from adverse weather conditions, warmth, and safety from predators.

Changing these in-build instincts can be challenging, but Bird Free uses a natural, humane approach.

By means of sensory stimuli that alter birds’ instinctive responses, Bird Free helps to change the behaviour of local birds rather than acting as a physical barrier like other bird deterrents, such as bird netting or bird spikes.

As such, Bird Free Gel is a long-term solution for properties with a major bird issue, such as large commercial buildings. Some of the benefits of this system include:

  • Encourages resident birds to abandon long-standing habitats
  • Shows immediate results
  • Eliminates severe infestations
  • Proven to be effective for up to 5 years
  • Causes no harm to the birds themselves

To find out more about Bird Free Gel and how Invicta Environmental can help with your bird problem, call 01388 309345.

Invicta’s Bird Control Process



To begin, our team will visit your site to investigate what species of bird is causing you issues. We will listen and understand exactly what you would like to achieve in controlling the bird issue on site.



Following our site survey, we will produce a detailed survey report which will outline what we recommend to keep your site bird free. Within the report, we will include costs to carry out each of our bird deterrent recommendations.



Once a bird control approach has been selected, we will agree on a date of attendance that is convenient to you. Risk assessments, method statements and our training certification will be sent over before we attend the site.



Our fully trained bird control teams will attend site to complete the work agreed. We will then invite the site contact to inspect the work, and a detailed report will be emailed over to show that all bird proofing works have now been completed.

How It Works

Bird Free is a pigeon repellent formulated to stimulate birds’ main three senses: sight, smell, and touch. These three stimuli combine to create avoidance learning in birds. Here’s how the gel works to deter birds without harming them or causing them unnecessary distress.


Bird Free’s proprietary gel mixture contains pyranine, the same colouring agent used in highlighters. This fluoresces when excited by UV radiation, causing the gel to glow with ultraviolet light. Invisible to humans, the UV light creates an impression on the bird similar to shimmering fire (hence the name Fire Gel™), causing birds to avoid landing on surfaces treated with Bird Free. This avoidance reaction is observed immediately after Bird Free is applied.


Bird Free contains peppermint oil, long known as an effective bird repellent. Studies have shown that the menthol contained in peppermint derivatives acts as a primary repellent in birds due to its action on olfactory and trigeminal nerve endings located in the bird’s nose, mouth and eyes. The odour quality and pungency of the menthol are sensed by the olfactory and trigeminal systems of the bird, respectively, and create a strong aversion response. In effect, these two stimuli, visual and olfactory, act together in synergy, warning the bird not to approach. As a result, birds quickly learn to keep away from surfaces treated with Bird Free repellent.


While most birds are deterred by Bird Free’s visual and olfactory stimuli and will not come into contact with the gel, this isn’t always the case. Where nests have been removed and treated with Bird Free, a nesting bird will often be seen attempting to return to the nesting site immediately after Bird Free has been applied, causing it to touch the gel, which is very sticky. Due to the gel’s high viscosity, the bird will not be harmed. However, birds don’t like anything sticky on their feathers, so the bird only needs to touch the gel once, and it will never return.

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If you’re interested in installing bird repellent gel on your property, then you need the professionals. Invicta Environmental has extensive experience removing pigeons, seagulls, and other nuisance birds from settling on outdoor structures across Newcastle, Sunderland, Durham, Middlesbrough and the North East, as well as projects across the UK for large businesses.

Our team can make the most of Bird Free Gel by placing it strategically on the surface of your property in areas where birds are likely to congregate.

Alongside Bird Free Gel, we also offer a range of bird control solutions, so we can help you find the best one to suit your situation.

While Bird Free Gel is mostly used for large commercial sites, we also offer bird proofing services for residential properties, including pigeon proofing solar panels.

If you’re looking for support getting rid of birds from your commercial property or home, then contact us today on 01388 309345 to get expert advice.

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