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Bird Spikes

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Bird spikes have been used as an effective bird control method for many years. They work by stopping pest birds from sitting (perching) in their desired area for roosting or loafing searching for food.

These areas tend to include shop fronts, ledges, gutters, and pipes. Invicta use bird spikes as an effective bird proofing method, protecting our clients from the noise, mess, disruption, and of course the health risks birds and their excreta cause to customers and staff.

Furthermore, from a commercial point of view, guano (bird poo) can cause significant damage to buildings and stock, resulting in cleaning costs and lost revenue.

The Benefits of Bird Spikes

Bird spikes come in two different forms, plastic and metal. Both materials effectively stop pest birds from perching in their desired area. So, let’s look at the advantages of your business if you choose bird spikes as a control method.

  • Spikes tend to have a long-lasting effect on the problem area
  • They are very environmentally friendly for environmentally conscious companies
  • We can stick them to any surface (Brick, Metal, Wood or Plastic) when installed correctly
  • Bird spikes are a cost-effective solution compared to some other bird control methods

Bird spikes do not harm birds in any way; they stop them from using the spiked area as a nesting or roosting ground.

Invicta’s Bird Control Process



Invicta will attend your site to investigate what species of bird is causing you issues. We will listen and understand exactly what you would like to achieve in controlling the bird issue on site.



We will produce a detailed survey report which will outline what we recommend to keep your site bird free. Within the report we will include costs to carry out each of our recommendations.



Once works have been agreed with yourself, we will agree a date of attendance convenient with yourself. Risk assessments, Method statements & Training certification will be sent over before we attend site.



Our Fully trained bird control teams will attend site to complete the work agreed. We will then invite the site contact to inspect the work and a detailed report will be emailed over to show that all works have now been completed.

How much does it cost to install bird spikes?

Bird spikes are an affordable option to control a range of pest birds. However, when calculating a price for the installation of bird spikes, a few factors need to be discussed, so it is best to call us.

Our office team will ask for photos of the property and potentially arrange a site survey if needed. Next, we’ll calculate the cost of bird spikes per meter (species of bird depended), but it is vital to proof all areas as the birds will move to the next attractive spot.

 Furthermore, we’ll need to understand how we will access the area for installation. For example, on some sites, it is possible to proof using ladders, but others require a boom lift or similar. All our technicians are IPAF trained and can operate the machinery needed to complete a full install of the systems.

Finally, bird guano is highly acidic and carries dangerous pathogens that must be cleaned up by a professional-grade disinfectant by a team with the correct PPE and ancillary safety devices. We’re highly experienced in managing the removal of bird guano from buildings and ensuring this is done in a safe and effective way.

Call us for free advice around your issues with birds, we are happy to help.

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