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Bird Netting

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When it comes to safeguarding your business from the challenges posed by avian intruders, our UK-wide bird netting services stand tall as legally compliant, highly effective against all birds, and bespoke to the level of bird pressure faced.

Bird netting is one of our favourite bird-proofing measures at Invicta Environmental to prevent pest birds from roosting or perching in their desired location. Protecting your business is crucial, as birds carry serious diseases, cause significant damage to your reputation and have severe cost implications. Our bird netting solutions fortify your building against these issues.

What sets our netting installations apart is the sheer experience of our avian team, spanning 60+ years working with a range of blue-chip clients across the UK. We’re entirely up to date with all legislation from Natural England and can install bird netting in any environment, regardless of health and safety challenges.

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Invicta’s Bird Netting Installation Process



Invicta offers a complimentary on-site visit to assess the specific bird species causing issues. Our team will listen to your concerns and thoroughly understand your goals in addressing the bird-related challenges on your premises.



A comprehensive survey report will be generated by Invicta, detailing our recommendations to maintain a bird-free site. This report will encompass the associated costs for implementing each of our suggested measures.



Once we agree with you on the proposed work, we will set a mutually convenient date for our attendance. Before our site visit, we will provide you with risk assessments, method statements, and training certifications for your review.



Our experienced bird technicians will arrive on-site to carry out the agreed bird control work. Following completion, we will invite the site contact for a thorough installation inspection. Finally, a comprehensive report will be emailed to confirm the completion of all necessary works.

Key benefits of bird netting include:

  • Protection Against Pest Birds: Safeguard safety-critical areas from any bird species.
  • Highly Effective: Invicta has a 100% success rate in preventing bird access to protected areas.
  • Versatile Application: Ideal for securing roofs and entire front elevations of buildings.
  • Invisible To The Eye: When fitted correctly, the netting becomes virtually invisible to the naked eye.
  • Durable Materials: Built with durability in mind, our polyethene knotted bird netting can withstand diverse environmental conditions.
  • Weather Resilience: Expertly fitted to endure extreme weather.
  • Longevity Assured: With proper maintenance, expect a working life of up to 20 years, ensuring lasting protection.

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Where to use Bird Netting

Invicta’s bird control team has successfully installed netting in simple to highly challenging environments, and we’re confident that all areas can be protected against nuisance birds. Our experience is vast, and we’ve already worked on the following areas:

  • Structures: From warehouses to industrial complexes, our teams are adept at installing bird netting on different structures.
  • Roofs: Whether your property has a flat or pitched roof, our installation teams possess the knowledge and skill to secure it.
  • Statues: Preserving the aesthetics of statues is paramount, and our teams are trained to install bird netting discreetly.
  • Car Parks: Bird-related issues in car parks are vital for maintaining cleanliness and ensuring a positive customer experience.
  • Listed Buildings: Respecting the architectural integrity of listed buildings is massively important. Our experienced teams are skilled in installing bird netting in a manner that aligns with preservation requirements.
  • Canopies: Canopies often attract birds seeking shelter. Our teams can expertly install netting to deter birds.
  • Loading Bays: Loading bays can be compromised by bird issues such as excessive guano. Our installation teams specialise in implementing solutions to keep loading areas bird-free.
  • Stadiums: Large venues like stadiums require tailored solutions, and our experienced teams are well-versed in installing bird netting to protect these spaces.

The capabilities of bird netting are vast, and if your building is vulnerable to avian damage, Invicta possesses the expertise to provide protection. We also guide alternative bird proofing measures where netting might not be the most optimal solution. Call our experienced team on 01388 309345 to arrange a complimentary site survey.

Bird Netting Installation case studies

roof net installation
Roof net installation
Canopy netting installation at school
Canopy net at school
Canopy net at football stadium
Canopy net at football stadium
Loading bay net installation
Loading-bay net installation
Ballast netting
Ballast netting
Small yard net
Small yard net

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