Wasp Nest Removal Cost Guide

wasp nest in roof space

Finding a wasp nest in your roof space or wall cavities can be incredibly distressing. A wasp sting can be painful or, for those who are allergic to wasp venom, potentially life-threatening, and living in close proximity to a nest can increase your chances of being stung.

Also, wasp nests can cause structural damage to your property. While they usually start at about the size of a golf ball, a wasp nest can grow to the size of a football or even larger, and the excessive weight can cause damage to your property’s structure.

Being proactive is key when you spot a wasp nest, so you need to contact professional pest controllers immediately. You might wonder how much it will cost for wasp nest removal, but there’s no set answer.

Your wasp nest removal cost will depend on a variety of factors. Thankfully, as leading providers of wasp nest removal in the North East, Invicta Environmental understands the factors involved in calculating your wasp nest removal quote.

How Your Wasp Nest Removal Cost Is Determined

The cost to remove wasp nests from your property can differ drastically, but these are some of the main factors that will affect the price of your quote:

  • Property Location: Where you are based will be a major factor in setting your wasp nest removal cost. If you’re based in or around London, you can expect to pay a higher fee than those based in more rural, Northern locations.
  • Accessibility: The accessibility of the wasp nest will be a major factor when determining how much your wasp nest removal will cost. Nests that are in bird boxes or attached to trees are easier to remove than those that are on walls or in attics.
  • Call-Out Time: When you call us and how urgent the job is will affect the costs involved. Weekend or bank holiday labour costs are higher than they are during the week, so you can expect to pay a higher wasp nest removal cost during these times.
  • Infestation Size: The size of the wasp nest and the number of wasps that need to be removed will influence the price of your quote.
  • Number Of Nests: The cost to remove multiple nests will be higher than getting rid of one wasp nest, which is why proactively is key.

While many of these factors are beyond your control, the size of the wasp infestation and the number of nests on your property will depend on how long the wasps have been in residence. As such, it’s important that you don’t delay when booking your wasp nest treatment.

The Importance Of Professional Wasp Nest Removal

While it might seem easy to save a few pounds and do the work yourself, in this case, DIY isn’t an option. To remove wasps safely, you need specialist protective clothing to keep yourself safe.

A wasp sting can cause an anaphylactic shock for those who are allergic to wasps, and you’ll only know once you’ve been stung. These shocks can be fatal in some cases, so it’s important to avoid them where possible, which means not disturbing a wasp nest.

Additionally, if wasps nest in roof spaces or on walls, then you might need to carefully remove the nests to ensure you don’t damage your property. Once the nests are removed, they need to be disposed of, and the wasps need to be destroyed so there aren’t any left to rebuild the hive.

Professional pest controllers have RSPH level-2 certification, which allows them access to insecticide products that can’t be purchased by the general public. As a result, they can administer a prompt wasp removal treatment that ensures the infestation is fully removed and then safely dispose of the nest and other waste products.

The only way to safely treat a wasp infestation is to use professional pest control providers. Companies like Invicta have extensive knowledge of the wasp nest removal process and can safely remove nests and wasps without putting anyone at risk of unnecessary wasp stings.

Wasps VS Bees: The Difference Is Important

Many pest control companies, including Invicta, won’t remove bees, as they are an important part of the local ecosystem.

As such, if you actually have bees at your property, not wasps, then you might face a call-out charge but won’t be able to have the nest removed.

To avoid this issue, you need to make sure you identify the species you have nesting on your property before you call in the experts.

Bumblebee next to honey bee on a flower
Bumble Bee (left) and Honey Bee (right)
Wasp in a flower

Wasps can look a lot like honey bees as they are similar in shape, but their nests look very different. Bee hives have small hexagonal holes and look a lot like what you imagine when you think of honeycomb.

Wasp nests, on the other hand, look like they are made of thin grey-ish paper, and you can’t usually see the inside clearly.

By taking the time to identify the species you have nesting in your space, you can make sure you don’t call a wasp removal team only to have to pay a call-out fee.

Get A Wasp Nest Removal Quote Today

The best way to find out the exact wasp nest removal cost you’ll have to pay is to contact a local pest control provider.

Their team will be able to tell you the cost to get rid of your wasp infestation for good and book you in for an appointment.

If you’re based in or around Durham, Middlesbrough, Newcastle or Sunderland, then contact Invicta. Our team has extensive experience removing wasp nests across the North East. We offer cost-effective solutions and guaranteed wasp removal for commercial and domestic clients.

We understand the importance of prompt wasp nest removal, which is why we offer same-day callbacks and emergency removal services to deal with your wasp problem as quickly as possible. Call 01388 309345 to find out more about our wasp extermination services.